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There are Korean companies that are paying attention in China, where capital strength and future growth value are high. As China opens its eyes to the development and production of semiconductors that it must use in computers, smartphones and automobiles, it is paying attention to SEMICS's technological prowess and growth potential. The performance of electronic devices governing all life of modern people is determined in semiconductors. SEMICS's differentiated wafer proverbs are needed for very small semiconductors to achieve zero defective products. Let's listen to today and the future of SEMICS, which recently won the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Merit at the 2017 Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition, guaranteeing that the South Korean government is "developing innovative technologies and making products."

SEMICS, a powerful venture company guaranteed by South Korea

The South Korean government held the 2017 Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition at COEX on September 14. Hosted by the Small and Medium Business Administration and organized by the Inobiz Association, the Small and Medium Business Promotion Agency, the Korean Studies Association, the Large-Small Business Cooperation Foundation, and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition has marked its 17th anniversary this year. This year's SEMICS CEO Yoo Wan-sik enjoyed the honor of the award as Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon awarded the award to the winner and paid tribute to the company that achieved technological innovation. SEMICS overcame the crisis faced by any entrepreneur by fostering technical skills and talent, and set an exemplary management precedent for high-tech companies by using the company's operational goals as fostering employees' capabilities. We are now working together with all our employees to become the world's No. 1 wafer proverger producer. The global wafer prover market is estimated at about 400 billion won, with 75 percent of SEMICS' sales coming from exports. "If China starts investing in semiconductor markets, Semix will be able to provide products that will become wings of high growth."

"T and Y in Japan are competitors of SEMICS. The very few companies that produce wafer probes are proof of the technology-intensive industry. The semiconductor is produced in 10-nano class, which is one-thousandth of the thickness of hair. A smaller 20-nano semiconductor has also been developed. Wafer Prover is a machine that checks very small semiconductors for errors, unfairness, or problems. There must be a perfect blend of precision mechanical technology, robot control technology, and software technology below the micron. If the wafer prover fails to function properly, the entire semiconductor production line can be hit and the economic fundamentals of a country can be shaken. Entering the wafer proverbs market, which governs semiconductor quality, is the world's best technology." Semix, which is produced at the risk of life and death of related industries, caught up with its competitors with strong capital in a short time. Now SEMICS is looking at China, the largest land of opportunity in the world.

Develop the imagination of all employees to establish a global market

SEMICS's business atmosphere is different as if it is a leading company in wafer Prover. He broke away from the typical vertical structure that employees follow when ordered by his boss. CEO Yoo has the growth potential to run toward the No. 1 wafer-proverting company by instilling a management mindset that "employee's ability increases the company's value."

"To achieve 100 billion won in sales in 2020, all employees need to focus and develop their skills. If you cared about the quality of wafer proverbs produced when you first started your business, now you know the importance of the process. After setting a goal for the world's No. 1 company, the eyes of its employees began to shine brightly. 'Think Big! Fun Pride Propit! Talk Big!' is posted all over the company. New employees have also created an atmosphere of thinking and planning with confidence that Semix Co., Ltd. can dominate the wafer prover market through flexible communication. As a manager, I think I've found the right direction for the company."

His technical skills were among the top in Korea. After joining LG Industrial Systems in 1986, he built his career in semiconductor fields such as CNC for 14 years and challenged to start a business in 2000. He has been dealing with precision machinery such as robots for decades. Having achieved the highest score as a skilled person with high-strength, high-precision high-speed stage production technology, high-precision machine vision technology, high-precision optical component manufacturing technology, low-temperature chuck and chamber manufacturing technology, and precision error correction technology, he has pioneered a path for co-prosperity with employees with his humanities skills and has the aspect of a perfect CEO.

Based on the love of the temple, active employees are leading the rapid growth of SEMICS and carrying out various social contribution activities. He is an engineer who leads the global market if he is highlighted from a business perspective, and he has become a valuable supporter in society. Employees are practicing corporate social responsibility by supporting the Gyeonggi-do Community Chest of Korea, World Vision, Korea International Kia Countermeasures Headquarters and Kkotdongne Mental Nursing Home. The owner of SEMICS is leading to a positive sense of belonging.

Resilient research to preempt the next-generation industry

Trusting the capabilities of his employees, he is envisioning the next-generation food industry. Currently, he is focusing on'hexa pod' under research and development.

“If you develop a next-generation tiltable prober, you can reach the top of the world by 2020. The hexa pod is a patent-pending technology, which will help to outperform similar competitors. Combining a hexa pod with a prober device capable of probing 25 wafers at the same time, and a prober device inlining the prober unit on a cell basis, will be the best company in the world.”

The paper “Future Technology Prover”, which contains the direction of SEMICS' development and his research results, was selected as the'most inspiring paper' by SWTW (SouthWest Test Workshop). It wasn't that Yoo had no ordeal. The Lehman Brothers suffered a financial crisis and sold the company and suffered the start of SEMICS again, but thinking about semiconductors couldn't stop his heart from running. We are confident that the future that SEMICS will contribute to accelerate the development of the semiconductor business in China is not too long.

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