About Semics

SEMICS has a culture of supporting our staff as they take on new challenges, regardless of the outcome.

World Vision

An international non-governmental organization (NGO) that makes sustainable changes at the community level. We work with all kinds partners, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and ensure that the most vulnerable children, families, and local communities are free from poverty and live with dignity, justice, peace and hope.

  • Regular donations to emergency relief efforts

  • Sponsoring four children in Cambodia

  • A drinking water supply program in Cambodia

Employee Volunteers

Since our establishment, SEMICS has consistently practiced 'sharing with neighbors.'

Making winter kimchi for Flower Village (Kkottongnae)

Employees at SEMICS share healthy food through a program of making winter kimchi for Flower Village.
Employees do not just donate food, they have the opportunity to join in a voluntary program to share food with delight.

Volunteer Activities at Seongeun School

Employees at SEMICS provide volunteer services at a relief center set up at Seongeun School, where they can help provide daily necessities and support for children in difficult situations.

Briquette Delivery

Every winter, employees at SEMICS take part in a voluntary heating briquette delivery event for elderly residents who have mobility difficulties.

Current Status of SEMICS Donations for 2020

In order to practice 'Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS),' we have consistently implemented the following sharing activities with President Wan-Seek Yu.

Name of Group Support Project
Seongnam Hanmaum Welfare Center A welfare center for the disabled, located in Seongnam city
Community Chest of Gyeonggi-do Supporting low-income households recommended by the Resident Living Support Department of the Bundang-gu Office
Korea National Council on Social Welfare (Didim Seed) Children of families receiving a basic living allowance and children in need
Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KACLC) Children under 18 years of age suffering from childhood cancers and those under 24 years of age with rare blood diseases
Compassion Korea Sponsorship of children in foreign countries
World Vision Emergency relief, sponsoring four children in Cambodia
World Together Support for developing countries (1.Education 2. Regional Development 3. Medical Services)
Food for the Hungry Supporting a North Korean bread factory
Flower Village Psychiatric Hospital A facility for the mentally disabled in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Youdogo Mission (Nasum's House) A welfare facility for children and youth in Suwon
Corporation Onday Free meals, education, medical expenses, etc., domestically and in foreign countries
Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital Support of medical and surgical expenses for low-income households

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