Product & Support

SEMICS has a culture of supporting our staff as they take on new challenges, regardless of the outcome.

Engineering Services

SEMICS is implementing 24-hour engineering services to satisfy customers worldwide. Respond immediately to customer needs to minimize customer inconvenience. Wherever our global customers are, SEMICS provides services to meet their needs immediately.

SEMICS Service Advantage

The strength of SEMICS Service is its immediate response. SEMICS Engineering has individual decision-making authority, enabling them to use their abilities to handle their tasks responsibly. As a result, we are realizing customer satisfaction by solving problems quickly. In addition, we are actively engaged in customer demands at any time of the 24 hour shift work schedule.

In the environment of rapid and sensitive changes in semiconductor equipment industry, SEMICS provides smooth service to customers with transparent and 24-hour service so that they can understand the needs of their customers and facilitate system operation with the best performance. High productivity, yield, and quality are important factors in making good products. We have completed specialized training to manage on-site training and product requirements and provide professional training services.

Category IDs Description Remark
Off-line support plan S-1 SEMICS will follow below support escalation process while SEMICS engineer on site.
S-2 SEMICS will follow below support escalation process while SEMICS engineer not on site.

S - 1

S - 2

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