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Opus3 is the only prober in the market which handles 6",8" and 12" SEMI Standard wafer, without having any change kit. It is compact, with high accuracy for consistent contact/ probing and fast index time for higher throughput. It is possible to load universal probe card.

Kea features Overview

· Compact size for space efficiency
· Universal probe card changer
· Reliable temperature control
· Stiff and strong Z structure
· Map shift prevention
· Real-time recipe validation
· Intelligent pin alignment algorithm
· Smart probing route algorithm
· Flat loader for smartest foot print
· Compatible with all type of tester

Specification Overview

Name Opus3
Wafer Size 8 & 12 inch(6”option)
X,Y Probing Area X : ±175mm
Y : ±165mm
Needle Force 300Kg
XY Accuracy X : ±1㎛
Y : ±1㎛
Tri-Temp Ambient to 150℃ (200℃)
-55℃ ~ 200℃
Ambient 25℃

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