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OPUS Mini & Genie

Opus Mini & Genie which are the smallest wafer prober in the world are now ready to provide leading-edge technologies with auto tilting & active force measurement chuck and flexible loader change based on wafer size. From now on, this high end performance wafer probing system will change the world and will bring you a lot of differentiation and also will bring great value.

Kea features Overview

· The smallest wafer prober
· The most rigid and strongest probing stage
· The best contact profiling by chuck tilting and force measurement according to probe card planarity
· Active stiffness compensation by force measurement
· All on board for extremely easy maintenance
· Windows 10based user interface and modular based feature
· SONET server for advanced data management

Specification Overview

Name OPUS MINI Genie
Wafer Size 8 & 12 inch(6”option) 6” & 8 & 12 inch
Dimension 1234(W) x 1100(D) x 960(H) 1475(W) x 1100(D) x 960(H)
X,Y Probing Area X : ±120mm X : ±170mm
Y : ±120mm Y : ±170mm
Needle Force 500KG 500KG
XY Accuracy X : ±1㎛ X : ±1㎛
Y : ±1㎛ Y : ±1㎛
Tri-Temp Ambient to 150℃ (200℃)
-55℃ ~ 200℃
Ambient 25℃

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